Friday, May 27, 2022

Sophia and the temperature taking exercise

 I received a call in the office a couple of months ago from Sophia's teacher. I was a bit surprised about this. 

"Mrs Curic, Sophia has not recorded her temperature and she has been marked absent without valid reason". I didnt really understand this point and later found out that the school had asked all students on home based learning to record their temperature before 9am to mark their attendance. 

I later forgot all about the episode. 

I received the same call from the same teacher last Friday. 

On Wednesday, Sophia recorded her temperature before 9am. 

On Thursday, she woke up late, and yelled at Anjali (the rest of us tell her off for yelling)

On Friday, she woke up at 6am, marked the attendance and went back to sleep

On Saturday, she will wake up at 11am

This is starting to sound like the hungry caterpillar


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