Thursday, March 19, 2020

Kid in Secondary school

Having a secondary school kid is strange. The first holidays and she is asking for permission to go out with friends, three out of five days. The Whatsapp messages come in almost non stop through the afternoons.

I tend to snap a bit if I catch Anjali with the phone longer than a short period and yesterday I took the phone away.

Much of her homework is done on the laptop, and she often has the earbuds on with music.

As a mom, this took be aback a bit - it is, afterall, very challenging for me to realize that my girls are growing up so fast.

I took a step back yesterday to reflect on it and realized that it was not that different during my teenage years. We went out with friends, ate at McDonald, and though there was no whatsapp, my dad used to complain that he couldnt reach us from work because the phone used to be constantly engaged.

It was supposedly homework, but we used to go from homework to lame movies and gossip about classmates.

While there was no spotify or whatever she is using for music, I do remember taking the family walkman for a walk whenever I could get away with it and bugging my parents to buy cassette tapes.

So I guess the tools have changed but people havent. There is an odd comfort to be taken there?

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