Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2019 in retrospective

More than a year since the last writeup with lots happening. 2019 has gone by. I have two young ladies at home now, both stretching their teenage limits

Highlights of 2019
Both girls went on the podium at the Singapore International Duathlon. This was out only podium race for 2019
The girls gave a talk at Microsoft for the Microsoft IgNite tour
We did our tallest mountain climb to date and reached the summit of Mount Arjuno at 3339m

Anjali was part of the panel "The future is FOSS" at FOSSASIA 2019
We took part as a family in the FOSSASIA hackathon and got a prize
The girls won second place in a dance competition for Nainowale ne. A good number of dance podiums this year.

Sophia took part in the UWCMicrothon along with a couple of girlfriends. Their team came first
Anjali and Sophia took part in another dance competition, where they were placed in the duo category
Sophia got a medal for SASMO 2019 and was invited for a couple of other olympiads

A two week, rather stressful trip to Romania, most of the time there was spent reviewing and preparing for DSA exams

A whole bunch of DSA exams and a general period of stress receiving rejection and shortlisting notices and going for exams and interviews.

August and September
Quarantined at home, studying and stressing. With a few races in between. Got scolded by thattha for staying too late at a dance competition that the girls won

Anjali got into SST via DSA, bringing welcome relief to the family.

Still under general PSLE stress, and signed up for Hack for good and Hack Asia in the middle of the exams - just because

Exams were finally over. Went on an impromptu, expensive an totally useless trip to legoland, which scheived the objective of getting off the radar

The girls took part in Hack Asia, organized by Daimler and recommended by Meenakshi. Thoroughly enjoyed themselves, ate good food and got fauned over by everyone

Spent the rest of the month coding and working with SGEnable for Tech for good

Had a blast of a time at Tech for good with Johann Annuar and the Engineering Good folks. The girls got featured in the newspaper and the channel news asia, shared their work with loads of people, got a ribbon, a minister visit to their booth and a best advocate prize. They went to Expedia office for a one day job shadowing as a prize

PSLE results came out more positive than expected

Had an EPIC trip in Newzealand, lots of driving, hiking, walking, parasailing and generally fun adventure. We switched off as much as we could to make time for each other

The girls closed off their year by sharing their Hack Asia project at Daimler.

Found time to host a small Christmas party after almost 3 years of not having one.

2020, bring it on.

Looking forward to the Sec 1 and P5 year and planning more trips.

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