Tuesday, April 10, 2018

 So Anjali turned 11 last week. There has been just too many things going on, what with races and hackathons that husband and I didnt really have the energy to plan any kind of celebration. Anjali was ok with a simple thingy and thattha and patti came over.

And then Sophia stepped in. She gave me a shopping list - chocolates, marshmallows and diapers. (I managed to find cheap adult diapers in the store)

And then the day before it was cream cheese.

Thattha asked patti whether she could get cake. Sophia gave her a withering look and baked her own cake. It was flat

 And delicious. Everyone had second helpings - even thattha. And Sophia got all the crumbs stuck to the tray :) She handled the party invitations and spent all afternoon cutting snowflake napkins

The theme, as I understand, was winter wonderland.

Hence the diapers and snowflakes and the cheese cake. I still have small amounts stuck to the corners in the living room

We told Anjali that she is very lucky to have a sister who plans her party.

As for me, I walked into the Jurong library and borrowed some books for the kid, and wrapped them up (in a upcycled plastic table cloth leftover from the cat cage conveyer belt).

Anjali enjoyed the books and the table cloth got folded and put aside for the next project, whatever it may be

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