Monday, August 14, 2017

On cookies and such

So Anjali is making a cookie book. She has it decorated, gets books from the library and copies down only cookie recipes. And makes the cookies. Funny things

"We need to make a fat removing cookie because if we eat all the cookies I bake we will all get fat"

On video conf with thattha
"Why are you cooking?"
"Because my mom doesnt cook properly, so I am cooking"

Anyway, she has baked three batches of cookies last week alone. Anjali has become quite the chatter.

Thattha: When you come to India, we will go to 8 temples
Anjali: I will only go to one temple
Thattha: Why?
Anjali: Because you only came hiking with us to one hill


Me: You dont even give me a glass of water, how will you take care of me when I am old
Sophia: I will give you 20 Quid pocket money each day
Me: But how will that cover my food and housing?
Sophia: I will cook the food. and you will live with me
Me: What if your husband does not like me to live with you?
Sophia: I will kick him if he doesnt.
Anjali: No you dont. You call your sister who will have - no - who has six pack abs to kick him
Sophia: I can kick him myself. unless its something serious then I'll call you
Anjali: like what
Sophia: Like my husband has 12 pack abs I cant kick him.


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