Saturday, August 19, 2017

Anjali's experiment

I had an interesting conversation with Anjali this morning which merits recording. WE were talking about the need for kids to learn to spell (not very high because there are spell checkers) and have good grammar (not very high also) and to write fun stuff (high)

I was telling her that I thought that schools made kids learn rote is because they wanted to train factory workers a hundred years ago.

Me: Imagine a toothpaste factory that needed workers to screw caps on toothpastes. They need to be highly disciplined cap screwers otherwise there wont be good toothpastes

Anjali: Yay! Then we wont need to brush our teeth

Me: Well, then your teeth will get rotten and you cant eat any chocolates

Anjali: Actually no. I did an experiment and didnt brush my teeth for one week. They were still fine afterward.


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