Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Parenting a tween

Its been over a year since i posted here. Due to work and other commitments i shifted operations from here to Facebook. Easy uploading of photos, sure, but i am beginning to miss the reflections and the long stories and records.

What prompted me to restart writing here was the lack of resources for a activity ideas for kids anjali's age. Those who have been following here know that we have tried and done the usual homeschooling routine, made several messy volcanoes, glooped the floor, worked through the reggio/montessori /waldorf activities etc etc, helped of course, by the multitude of mom bloggers on the web. But when Anjali is 8 now, and i am looking for inspirations from mom bloggers, oops- Its a desert out there.

I don't mean a desert of resources-there are plenty. But these resources are from museums, makerspaces and organizations. Not individual moms who have tried and tested stuff. The individual homeschooling moms are still doing unit studies and worksheets.

At the same time, Anjali is also going through a phase, with Sophia not far behind. Sure -she still does her painting and cooking Ard knitting but they don't challenge her as they used to.

I've been experimenting - helped, at times criticized - by husband and this morning felt a burning desire to chronicle these experiments-what works, what doesn't, what works when presented in which way etc. So here goes
i hope i will be more disciplined than the last year.

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