Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Updates and blogging

I have been so busy in many other fronts that there has not been much time to write here. And then I realized, before I could even wink my eyes, that it has been almost a month since I last wrote in this space. My facebook profile has also been rather quiet.

However, this is not really because we are not doing thins, but because we are doing things faster than we can report on them.

 I have shared elsewhere the project space of Anjali and Sophia on DIY.org, a social platform for kids who have a maker mindset.  The girls go by the name PrincessCuric: http://www.diy.org/princesscuric

Yesterday, husband was cooking fish and Anjali decided to dissect one of the fish and see what was inside. With alarming coolness and Scientific curiosity (enough to make thattha's vegetarian mentality queasy, Anjali cut open the fish with a butter knife and made a thorough exploration of its innards). i must admit that I too was fairly queasy by the time the process had finished and I had some not too fancy caviar on my hair when the process was completed. Here is the video feed of the process. https://diy.org/princesscuric/001r5t 

More coming up. Got to sign off to go to the playground, hopefully to find multiple puddles for the girls to jump in. Feel free to check out the rest of the crazy and not so crazy projects. There is one where the girls try to give husband a cone icecream with toothpaste disguised as vanilla icecream, which is rather priceless https://diy.org/princesscuric/001n7j

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