Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I made it myself

The girls are constantly trying our new things... and once in a while, the things they do tie in what
skills on I have been pushing to get Anjali to aim for the stitcher badge but she just ddoesnt want to finish her embroidery.

"Cant I put my knitting on" she asks. Her knitting, by which she means a knitting nancy on which she had spent two months working, doesnt quite fit under stitcher, but can go under weaver. I introduced weaver to her and we looked at some of the challenges up there.

I did geear her towards the hula hoop doormat because it sounded fascinating, but it was her thought to see if some kind of recycling could be incorporated into the work. I then told her about using plastic for weaving and we decided on that when we made our plarn hula hoop. Anjali finished the hoop yesterday evening and went in the bedroom to take a picture of it. This morning I found a video in my phone. It said

"This is a mat and I made it myself!" There was a distinct pride in her voice that made me catch my breath at the empowerment that one gets when one does things by themselves in a world where we outsource everything from our bread to our weddings.

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