Thursday, April 11, 2013

The best birthday party in the world

Anjali's Coats eye is improving! I have been sitting on that bit of news for a week or two without putting it on the blog, because I have been busy elsewhere. But on the last followup with the doctor, she is happy that Anjali is showing some real improvement.

Her retinal swelling has gone down visibly and most of the fluid is gone. We are hoping that this continues. If it does, then the doctor will be able to do laser treatments as an outpatient without putting Anjali under general anasthesia. This implies no GA, no fasting for many hours before treatment, no praying and worrying that she shouldn't catch a fever, no swelling post treatment, no throwing up of food, and most important, for Anjali, no eyedrops for a week. She can even go to school the next day.

So all of us are keeping our fingers crossed and praying really hard that her swelling and fluid should stay under control. Laser is, I think, for Anjali somewhat uncomfortable, but the doctor is very nice. Anjali claims that she gets a headache which lasts a few minutes after treatment. We need to see what we can do about it.

Anyway, since the kid was very nervous about the outpatient laser, I asked her what she would like as a reward (each of the adults in the waiting room granted her a wish). She asked from me the best birthday party in the world. And here is the story.

We began preparations early, and after the carnival, the girls are confident enough to make their own preparations. The character of the party evolved over time, and here are some snapshots

Anjali made a little collage where her guests should sign their names upon arrival.
The guest list, separated by families. Notice how the names are spelt
A bunch of decorated envelopes, with nothing inside them, which the girls made as gifts for the friends who came
Activities: Since Anjali wanted a fairy party, we had fairy activities: Hanger fairy wings and a lot of shiny stuff, straws etc to make fairy wands
The mode with the beautiful princess dress. Am i glad that I made this dress!!
Now this creature in the middle of the floor didnt want to stand up to pose. But I want to draw your attention to her skirt which she designed herself and made with the help of Anjali.

She wanted a dress for Anjali's birthay and I offered to make her one. But she kept changing her mind about the kind of dress that she wanted. And then she saw a plastic skirt in one of the craft books that she had gotten from the library. She wanted a plastic fairy skirt for her birthday.

I helped her to cut up the skirt and Anjali glued leaves on the bottom with double tape. It rustled a lot as she walked but was a nice talking point. I think she was pretty proud of it too as she wore it to Anjali's school birthday as well.
Some random shots from the party:

Kids working on their wings
There were only two boys invited (owing to the fairy theme, we limited our boy headcount to only those boys whose sisters were invited). The boys didnt make wings anyway, husband entertained them by making bows and swords and such stuff
You can see Sophia's shopping bag skirt more clearly here
At around 6.15 I got the kids to stop working on thier wings and get cooking, as there was no food to eat otherwise. They made their own pizza and frosted their own cupcakes
Godmother poked her nose in at some point during the day.

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