Monday, April 22, 2013

A fashion designer in the making: The maker mindset

Since Anjali has seen me use the sewing machine a lot, she has been asking me whether she could use it. I have been hesitant, for many reasons, but given her increased responsibility in things like carnival organization and pages, decided to let her have a go.
 Since it was her first sewing project, i decided to let her have the rein of the project, only stepping in to advice when there were serious design flaws. So when the project transformed from a quilt to a top, I kind of rolled with it.
 Here she is measuring out the straps of the dress

Finally, the dress became a very sweet midriff showing top (which she possibly wont be allowed to wear if she were 10 years older, but as it stands, it was really beautiful and well suited to the weather)
 We explored a lot of fastenings before settling onto this one.

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