Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Simple toys and child empowerment

There are toys and there are toys. One day, husband was fixing his bike and we got hold of the tyre. The kids had an awesome time rolling it around the house, lobby and playground.
A different art experience: I went through a phase of fused plastic crafts. I made a shopping bag for the home, and one for Anjali to take to Ballet. She decorated it with permanent markers.
Another day, I drew up a rainbow on the floor and the girls had to find things around the house to fill up the colors, after which they would get access to the pot at the end of the rainbow
Anjali has been knitting continuously since last weekend. This thing is a knitting nancy made with a toilet roll and a bunch of icecream sticks. The current size of the knitting is about three times as long as the one in the photo and it trails on the floor when she walks around with it
Ms Wee has asked Anjali to give a sharing session tomorrow about her carnival. Here she is working on designing a poster for it.
The completed poster. Her homework for the afternoon is to work with Sophia and come up with the script. The scrap on the left is the community weaving that all the kids did together.

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