Wednesday, March 6, 2013

From my maker space this weekend

We usually go on a making spree in the weekends, and here is the haul from last weekend I finally got around to making a fused plastic tote bag! I am pretty happy about it, since the last time I tried to fuse plastic into a picnic mat, I ended up with a bulky thing which we then used as a sandpit liner. But this one looks much cooler
My second repurposed/ upcycled handbag. Again, a major improvement over the first one. I may even take this one to work. Its completely repurposed from one of husband's old jeans. The zipper was repurposed from a dress that Sophia grew out of. I had this brainwave to crochet the edges to hide some of the raw edges.

Some thing from the kids: rainbow eggs. Why stop at green? Says Anjali

And while the green/ rainbow eggs were cooking, Anjali did this food coloring with vinegar and ice cube art, which was totally exploratory and completely unfacilitated by me. I love the way it came out.

  Another half an hou repurposed craft: A case my my handphone. The third one I am making for this phone. I need to make one for husband next, who finally got rid of the phone that he threw into the washing machine a couple of years ago and sprung for a touchscreen.
And finally, the kids are still big on toothpick sculptures and when I left them a batch of homemade clay to play with, they ended up making this.

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