Monday, January 21, 2013

Show off time: Glimpses of weekend projects

I did a lot of deconstructed sewing last weekend. before the projects, here is a quick snippet of the next post
I am so excited that we facilitated a workshop at handmade movement Singapore. This is the Eiffel tower in construction as part of the workshop. More on this later, but for now, the sewing projects:

I deconstructed two pairs of jeans and made these jackets for the girls. I am now looking for two pairs of jeans to make a jacket for myself. This is really adorable.

We finally mounted the present that we made for Bunica.
Husband helped us to deneedle the christmas tree. We tore an old bedsheet up and made one pillow and several beanbags stuffed with pine needles, they smell so nice on the bed
The girls pretended to be pigs
Here is Sophia's jacket when it was all done
This beauty was done in about two hours, a dress for Anjali from some scraps left over after I had deconstructed a saree to make a dress for myself
A cover for my new phone.

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