Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Progress on the mixed media painting for bunica

 Its almost done. The girls were at it for over ah hour yesterday putting the finishing touches. It was Sophia's idea to use yarn for the hair. I helped put double tape and Anjali cut and styled the hair for herself and bunica.
 She even added a stylish little hairclip for herself. I was reading ER Kandel's book on the Age of Insight. There, he discussed how in paintings, certain subtleties reflect the nature of the subject. He discusses paintings by Austrian painters and how Oskar Kokoschka who painted Child with Parent's hand. Some crituques of the painting remarked on how some of the fingers were portrayed thickly in the painting. They were later astonished to find out that the father had broken his finger in childhood. This is just one of the examples Kandel gives in his book about how art captures subtleties that the naked eye couldnt see.

As I was embroidering the painting, I spent more time with the face than the other parts of the picture. Imagine my surprise and shock when, after finishing, I saw the imperfection in Anjali's left eye. I could have taken it out and redone it, but decided to leave it.

Perhaps it was an expression of subconscient thought and worry, though I hardly dare to compare myself with Kokoschka.
 I suspect that it is Sophia's rebelliousness that gets reflected in her choice of hair color, beads and accessories.
 I only hope that she can channel her rebellious streak into other avenues than style
 The girls also added some drawings which I sewed to the art
Here is Sophia in all her punk style glory - multi colored hair, gypsy beads, a scrap cloth that she herself selected for her dress.

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  1. Wow, what a wonderful project it looks fantastic!

    Thanks for joining in with Kids Get Arty.



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