Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fabric, leaf mixed media collages

The kids at the playground had been bugging me for a long time for a playground art session, but we had been thwarted for most of December because of rains and stuff. So yesterday, we had a playground art session.

We had the stuff out, but it was so windy in the playground that we had to move the actual activity to under the blocks instead.
 It is somewhat self explanatory, requires lot of scrap cloth (I am sure readers of the blog will recognize the scraps from my various sewing projects), glue and tape.

It was Anjali's brilliant idea to add leaves to the project materials though she didnt use leaves for her own work. That girl has the makings of a facilitator and thinks of all possible materials that other people will use before beginning her own work. I usually think of the materials that I would use and then lay them out for the kids.

 Here is Sophia's finished piece
 Some kids went for more abstract works

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