Monday, January 21, 2013

Workshop at Handmade movement

 Maybe because I am on the radar these days for such events, but it seems to me that Singapore is having a lot of arts/ crafty movements.

We had the opportunity to facilitate a workshop at the Handmade movement fair at Fort Canning. While we were hoping for a fine day and an opportunity for the girls to roll around in the grass after the workshop, it was a very rainy day.

But despite the rain, a number of people showed up for the workshop
 I set them to work in families
 And there was a fair bit of mother/ son, father daughter bonding as the participants put skewers and styrofoam together to create sculptures
 Here is husband, who has very good crafting skills, when he puts them to use
There were a lot of dogs, and in addition to helping me to facilitate, which is becoming quite a passion for Anjali, she also enjoyed playing with the dogs.
 Right next to us, there was a community art project aspiring to make a giant quilt. We had to wait a while before setting up, as the previous workshop was still going on. We also couldnt go out much since the tents were not connected, and it was very rainy.

So the girls tried their hand at sewing, and Sophia got pretty good at it, even though the needle was a sharp one
 Here is a sculpture created by a mother daughter team.
 I got a new phone and it was a very good camera. I am glad, because I can take photos of Anjali on close up without worrying about the Coat's eye.


  1. What a fun workshop! It's really neat to see families working together on sculptures :)

  2. I love seeing the families working together with each other on the sculptures. Sounds and looks like it was a very successful workshop! Congrats!

    1. thanks. It was good fun organizing it and seeing the groups come together in an activity.


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