Friday, December 14, 2012

The village of Berk becomes a winter wonderland

Recently we have been reading the How to Train your dragon series. Many of us know of the movies, but the books are very unique and well written, with a wierd sense of humor. For instance Dragonese is a really cute language spoken by dragons where

"no yum yum on di bum" means dont bite my bottom.

the girls had good fun discussing the books, though its mostly husband and I who are reading them. Thats the fun thing about including kids in adult conversations. They get an idea of adult literature, along with other things. For instance, husband and I were having this conversation a week or so ago about differentiation (the calculus kind). Several days later, Sophia is sorting some of her cards into a box. When I call her for bed, she says "i am differentiating. After I differentiate, I will come to bed"

Anyway, as part of a wintery invitation to play on Thursday, I facilitated the design and construction of the village of Berk. Items given

1. Three toilet rolls (painted white)
2. 6 semi circles cut from cereal boxes (painted white)
3. 1 pine cone (tips painted white)
4. Some white pebbles picked by Sophia on a  nature walk
5. Snow dough (created using 2 cups corn flour, 1/2 cup cooking oil and a liberal dash of glitter which the girls sprinkled liberally with cinnamon. ). For the record, I made this snow dough several weeks ago and stored it in a container after play. It is still good and fresh.
6. An envelope with instructions on who the houses belonged to who.
7. glitter
8. markers, scissors, double tape, a plate, and a catch cloth

I dropped these things at Patti's house on thursday morning, along with the girls. And this is what I found when I got back

 Houses for Hiccup, Gobber The Belch, Fishlegs, Snotlout, Dogsbreath and Wartihog.

The pine cone is not a Chritsmas tree, its Wild Dragon Cliff where the dragon nursery is.

Atleast thats what Sophia told me. Anjali told me that its a place for fairies to congregate and celebrate Christmas.

Fairies seem to sneak everywhere into our house. Even among Vikings and dragons. 

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