Thursday, December 6, 2012

The SAS walk

 We are so busy doing things that we dont often take the time to express gratitude. The same is true for the blog and for life in general.

Most days, I leave an activity for the girls before going to work, and they explore it. For the past few days however, that didnt touch the activity that I left. I was getting frustrated and Anjali, who is really starting to become quite wise, said one day. "Dont give us any new activities in the morning until we finish the current one"

She then set a goal for herself to finish part of the sewing and then told me "Dont give me any activities today in the morning. We will do activities when you come back from work"

I then realized that I was making them do too much without giving them time to reflect - and this is the first mistake of facilitation.

We host the Sri Aurobindo Society walk every year, in November or December, and it is, for me, a time to express gratitude. As a doer, I am often not content to sit by and watch as the world solves my problems. So this time, we expressed our Gratitude to the Divine through what The Mother loves very much - an arrangement of flowers.

It was a quiet time. A three hour effort involving designing the sponges, cutting flowers, arranging flowers on the sponges and then another three hours to place all the other flowers in vases and water.

Six hours of work, done quietly, with help from the girls, husband, patti and friends. 

 As an offering to the one who has made everything that I am today

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