Monday, December 3, 2012


On Friday evening,we got a surprise as Santa's elf was waiting for us on the bookshelf. I let out a squeal of excitement.

"Girls! Look who is on the shelf!", I said.

"Yeah. I saw", said Anjali. "You made it"

"I didnt make it!", I said, with as much indignation as I could muster. "That's Santa's elf come to see if you are naughty or nice."

"He's not an elf! He cant talk" She grabbed the elf. "Are you Santa's elf? See!"

"His job is not to talk", I retorted. "His job is to observe and report to Santa."

Anjali considered this.

"Shall we give him a name?" I asked

"Goofy!", said Sophia.

So Goofy it was.

On Saturday morning, Goofy was on the flowers that we had gotten for the walk arrangement.

"What a soft bed!", he sighed 
So Anjali and I got talking about how tired Goofy must be since he has to journey to the North Pole and how the North pole was further away than Romania. We extended the conversation by drawing a map on chalkboard wall.

Which led to a discussion of other things as well - Africa, the Cape of good hope, sailing on the days without aeroplanes, the red dot of Singapore, the beauty of Newzealand, what lives on the South pole and, as a follow up to the omni movie from last week, a discussion on the pacific ring of fire.
On Sunday morning, Goofy was sitting on the spider web.

"You put him on the spider web", said Anjali.

I put on another indignant expression

"Do I look like someone who has the time to go putting elves on spider webs?", I asked. Ofcourse, I was running around since five in the morning, preparing stuff for the brunch, and she knew it.

Sophia believes in goofy. She gets all upset after throwing a tantrum and begs me not to tell goofy that she was naughty. Anjali is still very skeptical about the whole thing.

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