Monday, November 5, 2012

What is cooking at the sewing machine

A nice thing about being a maker is that the kids, when they want something always go "Mom, can you make me this", instead of "Mom, can you buy this". While I know that this discourages consumerism and encourages creativity and family bonding, it also means that my current  todo list is very long.

Let me introduce you to my current project: It is a beauty inspired costume. We went to the shop and Anjali chose the fabric. Then, I looked for a tutorial, found one, and started on it. Once I added the first layer of chiffon, at the bottom of the dress, Anjali takes one look and says, "I want the chiffon all the way to the top". So on go two more layers. 

It gets very boring to make the same thing twice, so I asked Sophia, very nicely, if I could make a cinderella dress for her instead. I found a no sew tulle one on a blog a couple of days ago and I really wanted to make it. 

"Mom, you can make me anything you want", said Sophia magnanimously. 

My heart jumped. 

"But it has to be like beauty", she added

Well, one  could always hope. So this is also on the sewing table. 

In case you are wondering - no it is too late for Halloween, though my five year old angled it for Halloween. It is for Diwali. 

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