Friday, November 30, 2012

Snow dough and cloud dough

 Cloud dough is this amazing flour and oil combination that the girls play for hours with.

Snow dough is another alternative combination with cornstarch and oil, in the same ratio as cloud dough. We tried it on Wednesday evening. The effect, however, was not as magical as clouddough for many reasons.

1. Snow dough doesnt fall out of the mould as easily as cloud dough. Infact all our cookie moulded snow dough broke up very fast. The kids made the best of the situation be making craters instead of cookies, but I felt a bit cheated out of the recipe

2. Glitter doesnt mix properly with snow dough. We mix glitter into the dough for increasing the magicalness. However, glitter in snow dough  sticks to the hand while cloud dough glitter sticks to the dough. Less glitter on the body after play.

3. Cloud dough feels very clean on my hands after play. I can just rub my excess dough  and get on with my work. Snow dough has an oily feeling which turns soapy when washed.

All this ofcourse are very enriching sensory experiences for the children, the opinion written is therefor mine alone, the girls didnt have any complaints about the snow dough.

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