Monday, November 5, 2012

Simple moments

 Many babies talk with their first phonemes. Anjali, for instance, used to say "pa" and we had to figure out whether she says palu, patti or papa. Sophia is writing first letters. Above is a card she taped to the door. I'll leave you ti figure out what ASM means.

Ofcourse, bullying daddy is a good incentive for writing, whether it means that he should not eat cereal, or not take a photo. Sophia's writing skills again: AMS NOT  D
 We made a virtues caterpillar (using an old sock, old jersey cloth, googly eyes and pipe cleaners). Its called the virtues caterpillar because it is not filled with cloth, this filled with virtues
 From front to back, you have love, kindness, creativity, sincerity, beauty and goodness
 In the morning it became a butterfly
 We came home in the drizzle and made footprints
 And caught rain in our hands
 We put up the tent and camped in our living room. Anjali made a table to store her precious things in her tent
 Sophia cut and decorated a butterfly. They were supposed to decorate the cirtues butterfly, but decided to decorate paper butterflies instead
 I put out some ribbon for them, red, blue and black, as they were working, I remarked how beautiful the blue ribbon was and wondered where it was from. The red was from the playeum and the black was from one of the chocolates that Lakshmi aunty had got from Dubai.

"Its from the beautiful blue dress", says Sophia.

"Which blue dress?", I asked.

"The beautiful blue dress that patti bought for me", she replied.

The ribbon had already been negotiated and cut.

I yelped and ran to the bedroom. Sure enough, the sash in the "beautiful blue dress" was detachable and empty (which dress maker in his right mind makes detachable sashes for kids' clothes I ask you?)

"Its ok mummy", says Sophia, I can wear the dress without the sash. Some how, she wasnt too disturbed by the fact that she was crafting out of her newest dress. Reminded me of Crafty Chloe. 

"Patti is going to murder me", I said morosely.

"Its ok", she consoled. "I will tell patti that we only cut a little bit and that mummy gave us only a little to cut"

I didnt touch the ribbon. Nor did I use the scissors, nor did I have any part in the discussion on butterfly decorations. I was happily sewing belle outfits. But then you take on all the responsibility as a mother. *Sigh!*

Well the butterfly looks cute
 We also made newspaper swords and butterfly shields (Who ever knew) and played knights


  1. I love the caterpillar. Sorry to hear about the blue sash! But it sounds like your girls are very creative. :-) Thanks for sharing with the Afterschool Linkup!

    1. Thanks for the comment Julie. It wast too bad about the sash, patti wasnt too mad after all.


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