Monday, November 19, 2012

Fruit loop bracelets

Anjali bought a big bag of fruit loops from NTUC. I am not a big fan of cereal, and when I do buy, I try to buy the kind which has fruits that I can see and not the kind which claims to have fruits. However, she was very persuasive, saying that she would eat them and everything, and we bought the bag against my better judgement. The girls ate a bowlful on Saturday and another bowlful on Sunday, so so far so good.

Then I set up this as an invitation to play
Fruit loops, yarn and a toothpick
The skills required are slightly different from threading, because you have to push the yarn into the loop with the toothpick
Anajli caught on pretty quickly but Sophia needed my help to hold while she pushed
A nice completed eatable bracelet

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