Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Conversations that make you think

Anjali: Mom, this Coats disease is really good for knowing the right and left.

Me: Why?

Anjali: Because I cannot see with the left eye right?

Me: Right....

Anjali: So if I want to know which is my right hand, I just have to see which eye I can see clearly with and find the matching hand.

Conversations like these really make you think. I was somewhat transported to a time when I was around her age and had trouble with the right and left hands. I had fallen down and had a bruise on my left wrist that left a pretty nasty scar which took a very long time to fade. That scar, for me, helped distinguish the left and right hand.


Anjali: Mom, the doctor says that I am getting better right?

Me: Yes.

Anjali: Then why is thattha still worried?

Me: Well, he is worried for many reasons. One of them is that when we take pictures of you, we can see your Coats' eye glowing yellow.

Anjali: Can you show me?

Me: Ok.

So we took a photo right then and there and this is what it looked like

Anjali: Wow!

Husband: Your eye glows like a cat Anjali!

Anjali smiled.

I guess we can argue about whether it is good to take pictures and show it to Anjali, but I believe that given that Coats is a condition that she is going to live with for the rest of her life, the more educated she get about it, the better.


I showed Anjali the likes and comments for the painting of Krishna she made that I put on my fb page.

Sophia: Why no body likes my painting?

Me: Everybody likes your painting also

Sophia: Why is my painting  not on your blog?

Me: I'll put one up.

This morning, the girls went to spend the day in patti's house. I prepared for Sophia a set of alphabet printouts (courtesy of Playdough to Plato) that I glued on to cereal box and covered using some plaastic and tape.

She is supposed to use playdough to trace the alphabets.

"When i come home, I'll take a photo of your alphabets and put it on my facebook page" I said. "We'll see who likes it"

"I think hundred people will like it!", she said confidently.

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  1. Your girls sound so sweet! I love that they have such honest conversations with you, too.


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