Monday, November 19, 2012

Bring out the best china and cook with the kids

It was Anjali's idea to make fruit salad on Saturday evening. The girls were tired after the whole afternoon at Wild Wild Wet, and I would happily have sent them straight to bed.

But they wanted to make fruit salad and they could sleep late on Sunday, and fruit salad was healthy and so there it was
I brought out a bunch of fruits. The girls cut them.
Strawberries, peaches and blue berries
Anjali's salad, dressed with maple syrup
And Sophia joined in the fray
And then, for a whim, I brought out the best cups and trays, to give the girls something different.
The girls served us, made us sit in the table, took our orders and brought us the salad. Then they sat down and ate some salad themselves.

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