Thursday, November 15, 2012

Art projects for me and the girls

Its the last day of school. Another year gone, so much learnt and Sophia is not in N1 anymore. Its been such a strange year, full of trials and tests and I hope that we have, as a family, come out of these experiences as stronger peopl.

Yesterday night, we spent the rainy evening indoors making a present for the girls' teachers. I printed out these photos from the concert and picassaed them to make them black and white pencil drawings. Anjali and Sophia painted them to present to their teachers 

It brought back memories of their concerts, of friendships, of experiences in school, and it is amazing how much conversation gets generated when working quietly side by side
Here is Anjali with her finished project.
And Sophia
This is a little project that I am working on. Bunica can you guess what it is?
More photos of this project will be up as it progresses

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