Monday, October 29, 2012

Ice skating

The girls went iceskating at Jcube. The girls have weird hair and butterfly wings because they had been making costumes at the Playeum Sweet Tales Studio.
Anjali took to the ice like fish to water doing pirouettes after a few minutes. Sophia was afraid to begin with and then she figured out that it was possible for her to keep her balance. She even did a few V- walks. Then the kids figured out that if you move your skates in a certain way, you scrape the ice and get snow. That sent them on a roll.


  1. That is just pure cuteness!! :X And Anjali skates better than me. :)

    1. thanks Andrei. Anjali is good because she doesnt care whether she falls.

  2. This is just pure cuteness :X :X And Anjali skates better than me :)

  3. They looked like they loved their ice skating. We have something similar here but only from December to February. Our children are already looking forward to going again this year.


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