Monday, October 29, 2012

How Sophia made a card for patti and thattha's anniversary

The girls are big on snowflakes and I am starting to get the hang of creating patterns using the six fold cutting method. They dont always turn out well, but the girls are delighted by how they can make a few simple cuts to end up with beautiful snowflakes. Here are the girl ones. Like last time, Sophia decorated each girl differently, this time, its one for each person in the family - Patti, Thattha, Mummy, daddy, Anjali and Sophia. 

Then it came to the inside. It shows Anjali giving her present to patti (dont know where the present it), the sun, the sky and Sophia's favorite element - grass. Grass is ubiquitous in Sophia's paintings. 

Now for the flowers. Sophia first drew two flowers and found that she didnt have space for the third one. She wanted me to rub it out and when that was not working, I glued another paper on top. She still couldnt fit all her flowers. Husband then came up with the idea of giving her three small papers to draw three flowers to glue on the card. So if the card looks somewhat 3 dimensional, its art.


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