Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bubbles never lose their charm

And when we were dying of boredom because we couldnt go outdoors on Sunday evening (we had quarantined ourselves because of Anjali's surgery), I found a very old bottle of bubbles that Ms Audrey had apparently according to Anjali given her when she was in N2, which, naturally she remembered and I didnt even though N2 was almost an year ago.

Anyway, I figured out how to make good bubbles. Ok ok, I knew that you should add glycerine, but I dont have glycerine at home and always forget to buy them from the pharmacy, but when I was cleaning the cupboards, I found some glucose syrup that husband had bought for the triathlons, and never used, preferring (I think with a good head) to use honey instead.

And what do you know, the glucose syrup has been sitting in the kitchen cupboard for over a year. And it makes the most beautiful bubbles.

We experimented with wands (kitchen rolls, pipe cleaners and Anjjali's favorite was a cookie cutter) 

See that huge bubble? I might try the cooker casket next once it serves its purpose as a loom

Another bubble
Here is the one that Anjali made out of the cookie cutter


  1. Ok that looks like fun! We made homemade bubbles a few times before and used kitchen items to blow them! FUN! Stopping by from Moms Library Link up

  2. Those are really good bubbles! Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library!


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