Thursday, September 20, 2012

Treasure hunt

Another sneaky literacy activity that I tried this morning: A treasure hunt.

I put together an easy to make craft, with instructions on how to make. Anjali can, in principle, read simple instructions, but since patti was around, she can get help with the difficult portions
Ofcourse, I had to make two and put them along with scissors at the bottom of the costume box
And made a set of seven sealed clues
The first clue, I had told the kids, would be in their postbox. But they had to follow the trail of clues to find their treasure.

Some of the clues were easy, like for instance Clue number 3 was "Look under the Basil Pot". But some required to solve a simple riddle, like "Where do you go if you want to play music"

A bit lame, I know, but then, it was kind of fun to do in ten minutes before I had to go to work.

I called home during lunch, when i knew that the girls would be back. Anjali picked up on the third ring.

"Mama!", she said, not even saying hello "Mama, can you tell me what "Dig deep for treasure means? I dont know what it means!"

I could hear patti yelling in the background for the girls to wash up and have lunch.

"Mom", she carried on, "Can you like give us a doable clue, like "look at the back of the book about a boy who collects books"' (That was clue number 5)

"Where did you find the clue about digging deep Anjali?"

She thought a moment "In the costume box"

"Can you dig in it"

I could hear the gears whirring in her head as realization dawned. "Oh... Ok"

She hung up

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  1. Anjali’s so cute with that innocent gesture. ;) It’s always nice to see kids learning in activities like treasure hunting. I’m sure she’ll forever think of this event whenever she encounters the words ‘dig deep’ in the future. It’s true that lessons are better retained when they’re acquired in a fun way. ;)


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