Monday, September 3, 2012

Story box and little house

Over the last week, I have been fiddling with the idea of making a story box.
Since the girls are so fascinated by the idea of a puppet show, i tghought that a puppet box would be an interesting and possibly a portable addition to take with us on taxi rides and such.

I chose the emperor and the nightingale because it had very few characters.

Everything fits in a box
The emperor, gardener and nightingale
The easter egg made a nice breakable plastic nightingale
I folded up an A3 paper into a minibook to write out the story, incase the children wanted refreshing, though they can use the props and make thier own story.
And then I put bindis all over the mechanical nightingale to give the illusion of something golden.

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  1. Truly magical… super cute too!!

    Thank you for joining the Made with Love ~ Sept *smiles*

    Hope to see you joining in with more ‘me time’ in Oct…


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