Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Some conversations

Sophia: Xavier Bavier Mavier Tavier
Anjali: Sophia! Dont!
Sophia: Xavier, Bavier!
Anjali: Stop calling Danielle's boyfriend names
I was in the kitchen and, rather unmindful of the soya that I was pureeing for milk, dug my pinky into my ears and gave a good dig. I am out of cotton buds and I was fairly sure that I had misheard something owing to a build up of earwax.
Me: Who is Danielle's boyfriend?
Anjali: Xavier
Me: Who is your boyfriend?
Anjali: Kang Yi
Me: Sophia, who is your boyfriend?
Sophia: I have no boyfriend.



Me: Anjali, patti wants to know whether you will go to school tomorrow. Are you up to it?
Anjali is measuring cardboard for a postbox that she and Sophia are brainstorming. She is way too busy with her scissors and tape that it takes a minute for her to catch what i am asking.  She is thoughtful for a moment
Anjali: I think I will go. I have to scold that Ashara
Me: Why do you have to scold Ashara?
Anjali: Because she scolded Sophia, but I dont know why
Me: Who is Ashara
Anjali: She goes to our school. She is our friend but we  - like - dont like her

I blinked.

Anjali: Yes. She always has these bracelets and necklaces and she never gives it to us to let us see.

I blinked again

Anjali is still talking: Yes. She just sometimes gives us sweets

Me (trying to catch on to some grounded information): She shares sweets with you. So why dont you like her?

Anjali: She just gave us sweets once!

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