Thursday, September 6, 2012

homemade chocolates and tiaras

Cooking and crafting go hand in hand in our home.

Both husband and I are very fond of earthy home cooked stuff and abhor the additives that we see in many commercial foodstuff which are not super expensive.

"You eat it", said husband one day, "but you dont feel satisfied. So you eat more and get fat"

 Once we agreed that this was the secret behind processed food and putting on weight, we have redoubled our efforts into the made at home project.

 I started making soya milk at home, which has now reduced our dairy milk consumption by half and later in this post, we shall see how husband makes his better than godiva chocolate.

But first the tiara project. I had promised Anjali that I would make a tiara for her. it began when she went to Cian Wen's birthday party and CianWen was wearing a tiara. Anjali wanted one - the Waldorf crown is very nice, but it is kind of childish, and not sparkly enough. 

I checked with Cian Wen's mother and fouond that she had bought the crown for $2 at Daiso and spent half an hour looking for it on the next trip to Daiso. But no avail. Then Anjali found a beautiful hairband tiara in Tom and Stephanie. I was almost going to buy it when I saw the price tag - $12.

Now $12 is not expensive, but when you consider that most of the hairbands that she had were around $2, it seemed a bit of a waste. I looked carefully at the design and promised her that I would make her one. This was two months ago and as you know,
By this time, Anjali had finished her piano practice - the tiaras take a very short time to make. And chose her own hairband and pipecleaners.
Once she finished, we wrapped beads on hers. There were no more pony beads left and we strung some of the regular ones and twisted them around the pipe cleaners

Ofcourse, a mirror is required for good dressing up
Along with a spanish costume. The girls wore the tiaras all through Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

And now for the choloalate. Something fun as chocolate making, especially when it tastes better than Godiva, has to involve the girls.

We get everything ready

Anjali helps husband measure out the milk powder

Here is Sophia mixing the cocoa and the milk powder

Husband did the stirring with butter, sugar  and water over the stove

And here is the fresh chocolate, ready to go into the fridge to set before cutting
And naturally, here is the batter pot for scraping and licking

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