Thursday, August 30, 2012

White glue Batik and Oodles of crafts

The girls spent the whole of last evening making presents for their teachers for teachers day. Anjali was sewing up a fabric cat and Sophia wanted to make a flower, so I decided to bring out the white glue Batik.

It was surprisingly good and looks just like Batik, though the feeling of wax over fabric is something else entirely.

We did the coloring using food coloring, vinegar and water

You can see how the glue resists the paint
Anjali drew a seahorse
Sophia made a flower
Seahorse in the ocean
leaves on the flower
Sophia suddenly realized that she has four teachers, but only two presents, so she got me to help her make the wooden doll
And here is the cat that Anjali put together
The seahorse is getting complete
One more present for Sophia to make. I suggested a drawing, but she decided to make a snail instead
Gradnly decorated with bindhis for teacher's day. Again, all the work, from cutting the paper plate to gluing the shell and cutting the eyes, the shell decoration and pretty much everything came out of her own brain
All the presents: Stone painted ladybird paper weight (Sophia), Butterfly Hama bead and seashell collage (Anjali), Sewn and glued fabric cat (Anjali), Wooden doll (Sophia, with help from Anjali), Snail (Sophia)

And two Batik paintings. I wish I were a preschool teacher.
Very prour of their art, which was then hung on the easel to dry
And here is Sophia holding all her crafts

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