Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The story of sea creatures

Encouraginga child to write is an important part of parenting. I believe that the spelling and grammer of the writing is important, but secondary to the creative process of writing.

We have explored writing through the reflections book, which Anjali calls her diary. These days she is very particular about who should or should not look at her diary.

I have had experiences in my childhood where my diary was read and the grammar and punctuations therein commented upon. So I understand, or atleast I should understand, how to lock curiosity and respect the privacy of a diary.

Anjali still does reflections from time to time, but instead of breathing down her nose to check for details, i let her have the freedom to make them as short or as long as she likes them, to do or to not do drawing, and to keep them private or show them to me, as she wills.

What I do instead is to take a book and do some writing by myself. Not necessarily reflections, but just random thoughts and stuff. I find that it helps organize my thoughts as well in a way different to what typing a blog does for me. And it shows by example.

Here is the book Anjali wrote as a writing project. 

We are planning on a book called I love Miss Khim because... and we plan to make it as a present to Ms Khim for teacher's day

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