Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stand up, Stand up for Singapore

Why go to a parade when you can see it on tv?

First: This is Anjali's fifth National day and we have never caught one on tv yet. On her second NDP, we went to Labrador Park and saw the helicopters with the Singapore flag, but for various reasons, including the fact that we try to avoid tv to a maximum extent, we have not watched the parade on tv.

Second: Anita aunty offered us two last minute tickets for the preview. it was not four tickets, but somehow I convinced Sophia to stay behind with husband. A parade would be educational, I thought. And boy, was I right!

Third: It is an awesome feeling, sitting in a sea of red, and it brings out the patriotism ina  way no tv shows or school songs can.

Fourth: Waving the flag, shinning the torch and cheering along with fifty thousand other people is a very interesting experience
Fifth: We can see helicopters on tv and you tube almost at the click of the remote. But it is not everyday that you see a real helicopter carrying a Singapore flag. The sight of teh flag made Anjali compare the flag raising that they do at school with the kind that they did in the parade. A bigger flag, a taller pole - a helicopter in the background, they dont have it in school. 
Sixth: Fireworks make a bigger bang when they are in front of you than when they are on tv

Happy birthday Singapore

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