Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Reflections of an outdoor art time

Anjali was having a lot of fun with the easel that I had made for her. Since she had been pretty much painting since morning, I proposed that we take the easel downstairs to paint in the playground. Anjali jumped on the idea. Anjali had also gotten a box of crayons in a birthday goody bag and Sophia jumped on those to take downstairs.
The girls and I carried all our stuff - one cardboard easel, one plastic chair, one stool and a bag full of painting supplies, as well as water.
Anjali did her painting on the easel, standing and using water colors. Sophia did her drawing sitting on the ground in the playground
For the while, the girls worked by themselves. Then many other children came to the playground. They all worked together on multiple paintings (most of them had to work on the floor as Anjali still monopolized the easel). But at some point,  she decided to share her easel with Sharon and between them they produced the most beautiful scenary.

Sophia tried many experiments. A flower she could draw, but a flower she could not trace to her liking. She was completely uninterested in crayon rubbings - it is not beautiful - and she wanted to trace the grass. But the grass she traced was not uniform like the grass Anjali drew and not so nice.

So she ended up crying. We compromised by me drawing grass for her very lightly and she tracing it. Then Jessica came along and Sophia and Jessica collaborated on a piece of art work, where Jessica drew flowers and Angels and Sophia drew -you guess it - grass.

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