Monday, August 27, 2012

Puppet show at home

Highly inspired by our visit to the playeum sweet tales exhibition, we decided to make our own puppet show at home. 

We still had that hige cardboard box donated to our cause by Anita aunty, and Anjali didnt need too much convincing to turn it into a puppet theatre. It took a surprisingly short time to put together. I showed the video later to Jayanthy, who remarked that it must have taken a few days to make the pupepts and put the whole thing together, and only then I realized how remarkably quick it had actually been.

I helped the girls tape up the cardboard box so that they had some space to make a window with so that their puppets and props could be didden in the background. Anjali, who was very impressed by the little table that they had at the playeumto put the puppets wanted one for herself, and went foraging for boxes to make one. I was planning this morning to cover it up with some nice grand looking materials so that is didnt advertise Great Grains, but I didnt have time before rushing for work.

I am suddenly reminded of Sandhya who used to frown when I gave cereal boxes to the kids, and say that you can see "Great grains" on top! and the end product is not so cool looking with the Great Grains adverts, but hey, it serves its purpose and ofcourse, you can cover it nicely, with construction paper, like we covered our lake at Hogwarts

While Anjali was foraging the house for all kinds of stuff, to make a decorate the stage, Sophia was busy making puppets. Sophia's scissor skills are improving tremendously these days, and she can cut out circles and hearts and she even surprised me yesterday at the center by cutting out a star.

We had all kinds of materials out. Again, fairly inspired from what I saw at the Science center, I geared up and reorganized the studio. There were two reasons for this. Firstly the girls were growing older and more responsible, and I saw no reason to hide paints in the craft cupboards out of their reach, in a jumbled up disorganized mess. Secondly, I had made a more compact lightbulb lab for holding markers and pencils as the old lightbulb lab was falling down and pulling hooks along with it.

A run down of what is available: Homemade paints (the flour, salt and foodcoloring combination), watercolor, crayons, printing pads, color wonder pens, brushes, markers, highlighters, glue, scissors, blowpens, colorpencils, highlighters, limited collage items - pipecleaners, popscicle sticks cotton balls, rainbow crayons (the round kind where you melt old crayons in cookie tins)

Atlast the puppets were ready. We had left the playeum puppets at patti's house, but these puppets offered good storytelling opportunities too

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  1. Very Nice. we too enjoyed. We will try to do this.


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