Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hard at work

Those who know Sophia know that Sophia only does what Sophia does and the only way to make her do something is to make her see the immediate advantage that she has in doing the thing. Ofcourse, we all understand that it cant be difficult to tag along behind your 5 year old sister 24 hours a day. Somewhere in the road, we also realized that Sophia can be incredibly stubborn. Like the time when we gave her chicken to eat and she refused point blank to eat it

"It is not good", she said

"I assure you Sophia", said husband, "it is very good"

"It is not good for the chicken", she said, before adding

"The chicken doesnt like it, so I dont like it"

"The chicken doesnt like what?"

"The chicken doesnt like to be killed."

And that ended the discussion.

And so for the school concert, she has changed her plans and wna ts to do the hungry caterpillar story. I think it is for the better. Sophia is much better at making up stories than at repeating stuff other people have taught her. We have enough experience with teaching her the ABC song to know this.

The girls are helping me to illustrate the pictures Sophia will use for the pictures. They worked hard into the evening yesterday and probably they will continue the work this evening too in order to complete the illustrations.

Sophia is painting the three plums
One Sunday morning, the warm sun came up and out of the egg came a very tiny caterpillar
Using Q-tips to put black dots on the strawberries

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