Monday, August 13, 2012

A weekend at home

Last weekend was packed to the brim with outdoor events and activities - what with the maker faire and kids science fest. We decided to take it a little easy this weekend and catch up on the many things that we missed over the past week - a trip to the library, a trip to the swimming pool plenty of home crafts etc

Here is a round up of some of the things that we have been doing

 A cardboard box is the best place for pretend play. I had asked Anita aunty to give us some left over boxes from her move (We are capitalizing on Anita aunty's move and have gained tie dyed skirts and now this box from it). After dragging pillows into it, and uprooting the box on top of them and sitting inside the box writing letter to post (see the slot at the side- thats the mailbox), the girls have asked me to help them take the box downswtairs to build a castle (we have been reading King Jack and his dragon by Helen Oxenbury)

Anjali told me that she learnt at school how to draw a seahorse, and that inspired this craft. 

 We crushed crayons under newspaper, and then Anjali distributed them on her seahorse drawing
 This is how it looked

 We ran over the drawing with the iron
 And it became like this- a seahorse with seaweed mouth
 pretty and vibrant.
 We baked blueberry pies, from a recipe at the artful parent.

And we did make cookies on Friday and gave them to the downstairs neighbour on Friday evening. the girls got a kick out of it and the neighbour was pleasantly surprised.
 Another Saturday morning craft. We wanted a place to store paper that was to be used for drawing, painting and easel. I covered two milk cartons with fabric from some of husband's old shirts and the girls helped me to paint them.
 Another fort. This was Anjali's brainchild. But it doesnt hold up too well with scotch tape. I should try velcro next time.
 Makes a nice spot for craft work
 And hiding
 The girls took the bikes to the swimming pool. Sophia biked all the way to the pool. Ofcourse, she biked for a minute and talked for five while biking, but thers is Sophia for you

And the point is, we got there

Anjali wrote a book in the evening and took it, along with the seahorse to show her teacher:

This is a bout about sea cretures, with illustrations of crab, seahorse and turtle
We went to the playground to play thief with the children.

The girls took long afternoon naps (there was no keyboard on Saturday) and played hard. We also found wonderful new books in the library - Keppy Dipuccho's Crafty Chloe is a very nice addition to our reading list

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  1. What fun it looks like you had! I had forgotten about the ironing crayon craft. My kids will love that!


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