Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A craft well done

When I saw this at Taming the goblin, I said to myself, I have to do this.


And naturally, I had to do two. And the girls had a lovely time painting themselves over the weekend. Anjali took to the painting very well. Sophia, ofcourse, lost interest after the first few paintings, but I still have to make two, otherwise, i would have to contend with a major tantrum and sulk.

The good thing about computer aided crafts is that you only have to make them once and then it is just a matter of printing twice, as opposed to the mermaid outfit, which you have to make from scratch two times.

Basically, the photos were converted to black and white and then i use dthe pencil effect on them. 

 The painting process starts
 Anjali is at her second page
 Anjali's first painting - one of the photos from Australia where the girls are sleeping side to side.

 Sophia's painting of herself. Not bad huh?

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  1. Oh that's absolutely fantastic. I love the idea of adding speech bubbles, very clever.


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