Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What do I do with Sophia

 I have no idea what to do with Sophia.


The whole of last evening, she was sulking because I apparently spent too much time with Anjali and none with her. When this happens, she gets up, tosses her hair behind her back, sticks out her lower lip and marches off to the corner of the room. 

My choices: ignore her or go and pacify her. Five minutes of ignoring results in a very loud, very fake crying. Pacifying goes either way and often leads to another "I dont have enough attention" moment in a short time. 

Which it did, right after we went to bed, resulting in Sophia nmarching off, this time to the bean bag chair with a toss of her head and "I am going to sleep all by meself!"

And this morning we had a

"Why you alway.... Why you sometimes give Anjali noodles for breakfast, but you never give me noodles?"

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