Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend craft 6: Paper printing

 We did finger painting yesterday. I worked with the girls and we were supposed to make marbled paper. But the girls decided to mix the finger paints rather than swirl them,so we made designs with them on paper instead

 At some point, we ran out of finger paint, so we tried the old technique of paint, water and dish soap printing on paper. The papers that we printed came out very beautiful, but very wet. So we let them dry in the living room all day till this morning when i bound them up into little notebooks.
And then the girls watched the Olympics with husband. The TV has been on this weekend more often than it usually is, but the Olympics are a great source of knowledge and awakening for children. We also managed to squeeze in a lot of outdoor time on Sunday, what with Roller blading, badminton and pingpong. Husband thinks that Anjali can qualify for roller blading Olympics with her daredevil skills

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