Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The princess and her honor guard

This is a real milestone.

Sophia has been doing bugs in school this term and we have been talking a lot about ant farms and arachnids. YEsterday, she regaled me over the phone about a snail that her teacher taught her to make, which she had brought home, and which looked like this

We went to the playground in the evening and returned late, close to 10pm. I was getting ready to give the girls chocolate milk and make them sleep, but Sophia came to the kitchen, opened the cupboards and started looking for paper plates.

"Lets make snails mummy. My teacher teached me how to make. We need three paper plates. One for you, one for me and one for Anjali"

And then, when I pointed out that you only needed half a paper plate for one snail, she said

"Then with one paper plate, Anjali and I can both make snails. You want to do? then we will take one more paper plate"

But Anjali didnt want to make snails. She made this instead.

Sophia ran me through the various steps involved in snail making.

 Coloring *only* the sides of the paper plate

 Cutting a decorating the circular shell. I should only draw spirals on it, apparently

 Putting the eyes.

"My teasher diidnt say that we can put glitter", she said, in response to my asking her. "But I will let you put glitter", she added magnanimously, seeing the glittery stars and beads

In the meantime, Anjali had finished with her creation and made another snail.

"I will not follow your instructions", she said. And made her own snail that looked like this
 Here is the wall decoration of the evening's art work

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