Monday, July 30, 2012

Sneaky word quidditch and Saturday morning crafting Session

This is the Saturday morning Simultaneous crafting Session, where there is a free for all craft going on while the soup is boiling for lunch.  The girls chose to work in the kitchen for some strange reason.

Sophia is working on a contact paper bookmark. She has been cutting up  pipe cleaners and gluing them on contact paper, which I taped to the back of a lettuce container.

 She is quite concentrated on the task
 However, she ran out of colors of pipe cleaners. Sophia's collages can only contain one of each kind of thing you see... so she went around the house, looking for yellow things and purple things... and found them too, by the looks of it.

In the meantime, Anjali grabbed hold of a piece of contact paper and began to draw on it with permanent markers

 Sophia couldnt get anything orange, so she decided to color a seashell with an orange felt pen
 I took down a set of milk bottle caps and wrote words on them. These are the quidditch qualffles
 Anjali finished her contact paper art and here is what the sticker looks like. This was the auduence of our quidditch game
 And here is the quaffle hoop. Sophia is cutting it up
 Game of Quidditch. Read the word on the quaffle, throw the quaffle in the hoop. If the quaffle goes through, its ten points to gryffindor
 Griffyndor scores
Ofcourse, i had to be in Slytherin, and the final score was something like 100 60 to Gryffindor

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