Friday, July 20, 2012

Racial harmony day

Today is Racial harmony day in Singapore, celebrated in commemoration of the racial riots which caused several deaths many years ago. In the preschools, the children are told to wear ethnic dresses and bring food to share with friends in as a sign of good will and harmony. Since Anjali's eye is better and the doctor gave us the go ahead, thereby implying that patti cant scold us too much, yesterday morning, Anjali, who was up early, helped me to make chocolate cake to take to her school. She had already browsed through the cakes in her recipe book and selected a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting - heavy, rich and something which will probably go straight to my butt if I so much as smelt it, but there you are, the prices of mother hood. So we followed the recipe, until I realized that we only had a single egg in the fridge, whereas the recipe requested three eggs. Enter the standby egg susbtitute - a table spoon of flax seed powder combined with three table spoons of water and blended till creamy in the mixer.

Yesterday evening, we went to the shop and bought another bar of dark chocolate (since husband had sneakily finished the bar that we had bought for this purpose during our weekend shopping) We returned and made the chocolate icing in the microwave by combining dark chocolate, cream and vanilla and microwaving on high for two minutes. Anjali wanted to decorate her cake with flowers as the recipe showed, but I was doubtful whether the compost fertilized flowers in my garden were counted as edible or even as decorations. So we went with some m&ms that Sophia had brought from Olivia's goody bag. (Sophia's class is full of famous characters - Olivia, Dorothy, Clara, Eiffel... We like to tease her about it.. And Sophia is also a character from Jostein Gaarder)

This morning, Sophia made me change three dresses. She didnt want the salwar that we had bought in India because it had pants. She did not want the pattu pavadai because it was different from Anjali, and anyway, i wasnt sure how to put the pattu pavadai over the cast. She finally decided to put on the dress that Ramya had given her, wince it looked like Anjali's gagra and since she wanted to wear something that Gabriella would look at and say that it was nice and ske her to get one more for her (Gabriella)

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