Friday, July 20, 2012

Not too messy activities

I was challenged quite a lot the past week in that we were worried about glitter/ craft glue getting into Anjali's eyes. So we had to do activities that were relatively non messy. For me, ofcourse, it was impertative that they be slightly more novel than the usual blocks and legos. Ofcourse, we did do a lot of block/ lego play as well.

When Ramya came to visit, we got a lot of use out of the bottle cap scrabble toy and the girls did scrambled words together. Anjali's spelling has improved quite a lot, especially with three letter and four letter words. However, the girls also had a tendency to make their own spellings and ask me for additional letters.

Here are some of the things we have been doing and what we learnt from them

I found a wonderful tutorial shared on the crafty crow on how to make pom poms with a fork. The pom poms that we made were really small and pretty, as opposed to the huge pompoms that  we made with the cardboard circle method. Anjali enjoyed making pompoms, and it was a wonderful waiting room activity, since we didnt have harry potter and the chamber of secrets yet. Let me tell you that if we had had it, we would have been hard pressed to do any thing else. 

 I am fairly sure that I took a photo of our pompoms, but for some reason it has dissappeared off the face of my computer. But the instructions are simple, wrap yarn around fork, tie through the middle and then cut the sides. Of google pom pom with fork.

 The girls' previous hama beads broke last week (My fault, I dropped them). So they have been working on new hama coasters.
 These paint with water kits have been a true blessing for a mess free activity. I am not sure how they work, evidently, the picture is at the back and covered with a special kind of paper that turns transparent when wet. Tissue should have the same effect, except that it needs a lot of water. Can it be as simple as parchment paper? The book, which had five sheets cost 10 dollars, but the girls have gotten a lot of use from them, so i am not complaining the investment.

Yes, and we did some embroiderie too. Anjali likes to integrate beads to her embroidery instead of tracing over with thread. And yes, that is an old dress of Sophia's which got too old and too stained for her to wear

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