Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I looked at her and she loooked at me

Sophia: Mummy, are Harry and Hermione friends?

Me: Yes, they are

Sophia: But in the beginning, you said they were not friends

Me: Thats right, but they became friends after they defeated the troll together.

Sophia: Oh

Me: Yes, when you work together and defeat a mountain troll, you will become friends

Sophia: But me and Gabriella never defeated any trolls, but we are friends!

Me: Right

Sophia: There are no trolls in my class

Me: Then how did you and gabriella become friends?

Sophia: I just looked at her, and she was so cute and then she looked at me...

This was so bollywoodish that I simply had to push her

Me: So, you looked into her eye and she looked into your eye?

Sophia: No! I just looked into her face

Me: But her eye is in her face right? So you looked into her eye

Sophia: Yes.

Husband: And then you ran in slow motion?

Sophia: No. We just became friends!

Me: Did you? Did you run around the coconut tree?

Sophia: No! There are no coconut trees in my school

Me: Did you run around the fish pond then?

Sophia: There are no fish ponds in my school

Anjali: There is a fish pond. Its on the other side of the field

Sophia: No! we never run around the fish pond!

I know. It is mean to bait a three year old, but Sophia is so baitable.

We have finished reading Harry potter and the sorceror's stone. I am not reading anything else to the girls, just harry potter.

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