Monday, July 23, 2012

Harry Potter

Anjali's preferred bed time reading is still Harry Potter. However, as a amother reading the series to her child, I am suddenly feeling that Chamber of secrets is not as kid friendly as the Sorceror's stone.

I mean, the scenes are as charming and catching, but already you get a measure of the seriousness of the book and subject. There are also more descriptions and less laugh provoking moments.

Sophia is feeling this quite a lot, she says

"I have enough of this sissy bissy harry potter. I am going to sit in my yoom and never come out"

And then we have to go to the room and get her out with a lot of cajoling.

I am thinking of putting down chamber of secrets for a bit and picking it up in a couple of weeks.

The last library trip, we got something like 50 picture books - double quota for the holidays and got so caught up on harry potter that e hardly touched any of them over the three week period.

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